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What is the NeuroAction Awards?

The NeuroAction awards is a global program aiming to provide funding, in the form of a grant, for practical (non-profit) projects that will have a positive impact on the lives of people living with multiple sclerosis.

Who runs the NeuroAction Awards?

The NeuroAction Awards is sponsored and funded by Novartis Pharmaceuticals who are committed to finding solutions to improve the lives of the approximately 2.3 million people around the world living with multiple sclerosis. The program is facilitated on behalf of Novartis Pharmaceuticals by Health Unlimited.

How many winners will there be?

In the first year of the awards, up to five ideas will be selected by the judging panel.

What will the winners receive?

Up to €45,000 can be applied for to fund non-profit projects or ideas that will have a positive impact on the lives of those living with multiple sclerosis.

Who can enter the awards?

Applications are invited from registered medical, educational or patient organisations.

Can I enter the awards as an individual?

Unfortunately we are not able to accept applications from individuals. If you, or someone you know, have a great idea to put forward but are not currently associated with an eligible organisation, you can connect with teams looking for partners on the 'Find a Team' portal. Alternatively, contact the NeuroAction Awards team and we will try to match you with an organisation to work with so your applications can be considered.  

What qualifies as an “organisation”?

For the purposes of these awards, an organisation is defined as any not-for-profit associations or organisations, hospitals and clinics, and academic institutions.


What countries can I apply from?

Applications are welcomed from all countries globally, but the application form and the supporting video must be completed in English to ensure a fair judging process. At present we are unable to accept applications in other languages.

What categories are available?

Ideas should fall into one of the following categories:

1.    Control - ideas that improve the management of disease progression

2.    Support - ideas that improve access to support and medication for people living with multiple sclerosis

3.    Life-hacks - ideas that make everyday life easier for people living with multiple sclerosis

Can I enter more than one idea?

Yes, there is no limit on the number of applications you can make, but each application needs its own summary video and online application form.

How do I enter?

Click 'Apply' (on the right-hand side of the page) to enter the NeuroAction Awards. This will take you through the online process which includes: 

  1. An online application form to complete – a pdf of all the information needed is available to download here so you can prepare your answers in advance.
  2. Video upload – upload a short video (no more than 2 minutes, filmed on a smartphone or other filming device) that details your idea and how you will make it happen, and provides a summary of you, your team and your organisation for the judges. The judges are not assessing applications on the quality of the video, but on the quality of the idea. Formats accepted for video are mp4, mov and youtube or vimeo embedding.
  3. Press “Submit” and wait for the NeuroAction Awards team to confirm next steps.

Is more help available on how to enter?

Yes, click here to watch a video on how to apply & how to upload your video to your application. You can also contact the NeuroAction Awards team at:[EDH2] 

What’s the deadline for applications?

The deadline for applications is xxx xxx 2017

Why am I receiving an error message when I try to submit my application form?

There is a character limit for each section of the form. Please ensure that your responses are not in excess of this. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please send a message to, who will help with your submission.


How do I know my application has been received?

You will receive confirmation of receipt of entry from the NeuroAction Awards team.

Who judges the applications?

The NeuroAction Awards will be judged by a panel of external experts. More information on the judging panel is available on the Judges page.

How are applications assessed?

Ideas will be judged on the following criteria:

·      What is the unmet need your idea fulfils?

·      What value will your idea bring to people living with multiple sclerosis?

·      How will you put your idea into practice?

·      How much will it cost?

·      How long will it take?

·      How practical/viable is your idea?

·      How many people will your idea help?

·      Is there an option to expand your idea to help more people living with multiple sclerosis?

When will winners be notified?

Judging is due to take place on xxx xxx 2017. Following judging, all winners will be contacted by the NeuroAction Awards team and details of successful applications will be shared on the NeuroAction Awards site.

What happens if I win?

The NeuroAction Awards team will liaise with all successful applicants to manage the process of grant approval with Novartis Pharmaceuticals. As part of the contact you will sign for receiving funds, you will supply Novartis Pharmaceuticals with an invoice and funds will then be paid directly to winning projects, enabling them to start as soon as possible.

Does the NeuroAction Awards fund indirect costs to cover overheads?

No, the grant must be used to fund the initiative directly. No additional funding is available to cover indirect costs to you or your organisation.

If I win, will I have to keep in touch with Novartis and the NeuroAction Awards team?

Yes, one of the conditions of accepting an award is that you will provide regular updates on the progress of your project.

I still have questions, who should I contact?

Contact the NeuroAction Awards team by email at, by phone on +44 208 392 8042, or by post at NeuroAction Awards, c/o Health Unlimited, Spencer House, 23 Sheen Road, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 1BN, UK. We aim to answer all queries within 48 hours.

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